Children's ministry

Welcome to the Children's Ministry page.   I'm Jason Burnett, Children's Minister.  On the "drop-down menu" you will see weekly activities and lessons for your children in grades 1-6.    

It is our prayer that these resources will help you as you present God's truths to your children.   We look forward to the time that we can gather together in corporate Worship and Bible Study.   Until then, we will work together on-line to spread the Good News of Jesus.

    Children's MINISTRY


    We're dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment in which children of all ages will learn the basics of faith and build a strong foundation for the future.


    Sunday Bible Study

    FBC Natchez takes the commitment to lay a strong biblical foundation in the early years seriously. Engaging Bible study leaders are eager to make the Bible come alive to kids of all ages.

    Sunday Kids' Worship

    Kids' Worship is offered for children in grades 1-4 during the Sunday Morning Worship Service.  Children will sit with their families until the time in the service when they are excused to go to the Reception Room for an age-designed time of worship.  At the end of the Morning Worship Service, parents can pick up their children in the parlor outside the Reception Room.

     Wednesday Nights

    On Wednesday nights, our children  participate in M&M's (Music and Missions). It's age-appropriate, interactive learning that's fun for everyone.


    New Believers Class

    The New Believers Class is offered to children who have recently made a profession of faith in Christ or who are seeking information about what it means to be a Christian.  This two-session class is designed to help children have a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Christian and to provide guidance on sharing their testimony and growing in their faith.   It is offered at announced times during the year.