Financial gifts in this category are used to support day to day operations and on-going ministries of the church.  Led by the Finance Committee, the church budget is revised and approved by the church yearly prior to January 1st.  

    A convenient way to consistently support the church financially is through "Bank Drafts."  Contact your financial institution for help in setting up this type of transaction.

  • Designated gifts

    Financial gifts in this category are designated for the support of special projects or ministries that are not part of the regular church budget at the time the gift is given.  These gifts may be used immediately or may be held by the church until complete funding is obtained or until the project or ministry is ready to be launched.  Please contact the Church Administrator if you have questions about this category.

    Designated gifts may be given as unrestricted donations to one of the following designated accounts:

    Annie Armstrong Easter Offering                                    Memorials

    State Missions Offering                                                    Children's Ministry

    Lottie Moon Christmas Offering                                      Music Ministry

    World Hunger                                                                     Youth Ministry

    Love Fund                                                                            Library


  • investing in the future

    U.S. Tax laws allow special options for senior adults who wish to make charitable gifts.  One of these options is the Required Minimum Distribution for adults 70.5 years of age or older who have IRAs or other specified retirement accounts.  Your financial or tax advisor can provide information on these options.

ON-LINE giving

You are able to give directly to FBC Natchez through on-line giving.  

Click on "Make A Donation" below and give through your bank account or credit card.